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Petaluma Pet Company IS CLOSED!

Our final day was October 2nd, 2022. 


We have had a good run of it and I know myself and the previous owners have loved being a great gathering place for pet lovers and dogs in downtown Petaluma since 2014. 


We chose to close the store as we have purchased a house near our family in an area of the country with a more affordable home real estate market. My husband, our pets and I are excited to start the next phase of our lives in another state. This is something we had always planned on doing but now are ready to do so earlier than previously planned.


 I would like to thank everyone for their support of my business over the years and I will miss all of my regular visitors and the camaraderie with other pet related businesses.


Thank You

Rachel Haverlah, Owner

Petaluma Pet Company


P.S. To all the dogs: I am so sorry I am not here to give you treats!

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